I am an Electrical Engineering undergradate at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in December of 2018. My interests are in the agressive and robust control of autonomous systems. My long-term goal is to apply this research to space systems. I am currently looking for a Ph.D. advisor in this area.

Small autonomous sytems, particularly flying ones, will have significant impact on the world. However, there is a significant deficit in the ability to control such systems in a robust and useful manner. Solving this problem is critical to making aerial systems useful in everyday life.

I am currently researching low-cost CubeSat mission simulation.

My most significant project was being a leader of Pitt’s International Aerial Robotics Competition team. The team was the top performer of Mission 7 at the American Venue two years in row. Both years, the team received the Best System Design award and in 2018, Best Technical Paper. Check out this page for photos and videos.

An overview of my work (particularly making drones hit moving targets) can be found on the projects page. Additionally, some of the projects were the subject of papers or presentations.

Feel free to contact me through email.

IARC 2018 qualification demonstrating autonomous interaction with a moving target