The 1972 Magnavox Odyssey was the first home video game console. The Vibrant Media Lab under Dr. Zachary Horton is sponsoring a project to re-create the Odyssey. The project is remaining true to the original by using only discrete, through-hole circuit components.

I joined the project in the Fall of 2017 and have designed over 10 circuit boards that either recreate functionality or add functionality. There are only a few sub-circuits left before a fully modernized Odyssey can be realized.

The most recent (and complex) addition is an extra player generation board. By adding an external circuitry attatched to strategic locations within the Odyssey it is possible to add 2 additional players for a total of 4. The circuit supports collision detection, allowing for games such as four player Pong.

I hope to update this page with more information as I have time. If you are a Pitt student interested in this please contact me or Dr. Zachary Horton. If you are an Odyssey Enthusiast interested in pcb templates or general Odyssey technical information send me an email!

Original 1972 Odyssey Schematic

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Extra Player Generation Circuit

This circuit adds two additional players (for a total of 4) to the Odyssey console. This has been built and is being tested.
Recent testing showing 4 players and the ball. The extra-large players are the ones created by additional circuitry (they can be resized).